Policy Highlights

Investment Policy 2067 (Nepali Version)Download  
Foreign Investment PolicyDownload  

Nepal has opened the doors to foreign investment in comparatively recent time. Within a short period, however, 399 foreign investment projects with the total project cost of Rs. 53.3 billion have been registered.
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Labour PolicyDownload  

Nepal has an easily trainable and keen work force. Unskilled labour is cheap and abundant. Semiskilled and skilled labour are available in sufficient numbers. The government has established technical institutions to develop skills at the technical level in civil and electrical engineering, electronics, air conditioning/refrigeration, general mechanics and auto mechanics
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Tourism PolicyDownload  

The tourism industry is growing very rapidly and Nepal has tremendous potential for tourism development because of its unique natural and cultural heritage. In this context, this tourism policy has been formulated with the aims of: increasing national productivity and income; increasing foreign currency earnings; creating employment opportunities; improving regional imbalances and projecting the image of Nepal more assertively in the international arena; through the development and diversification of the travel and tourism industries.
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Trade and Industrial Policy HighlightsDownload   Objectives :

+ To enhance the contributions of trade sector to national economy by promoting internal and international trade with the increased participation of private sector through the creation of an open and liberal atmosphere. + To diversify trade by identifying, developing and producing new exportable products through the promotion of backward linkages for making export trade competitive and sustainable.
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IT PolicyDownload  

As a developing country, Nepal has availed of the opportunity to rapidly develop various sectors such as education, health, agriculture, tourism, trade, among others, using information technology. The extensive application of this technology will engender economic consolidation, development of democratic norms and values,
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